About Harm

Harm Jagerman

Harm Jagerman

A good biography starts with a part about the life of the person who is the main subject of the biography. For now, I will focus on the headlines.

Yes, I finished elementary school, high school and I studied. More important is what I did as a professional. You can read more about that in the section below.

De IT-beheerder

The IT administrator

Around the turn of the century, I worked as a help desk employee. From that position it was a logical step to start all kinds of management courses within the IT organization. I became an IT person. A network and workplace administrator. I carried out my work as an employee.

De recruiter

The recruiter

When I worked at an international website for job listings, I came in contact with recruitment and selection. I became an intermediary and then a recruiter. I ended up in IT after I worked for a large Dutch insurance company.

Van applicatiebeheerder naar...

From application manager to..

When I worked as a functional application manager in a large Dutch hospital, I started my own company. I combined my job in the hospital with photography. Later on I also started to write for others. I was also employed (later on) as a consultant and online marketer.

And Then?

In 2018 I started a new chapter in my life: designing and running a webshop. I did this as a paid assignment. Until the end of October 2019, I was responsible for the daily management of this webshop. I decided it was time to spread my wings again. That is why I can also offer you my services!

What I can do
Website development
Expanding your online activities
And more

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