Harm Jagerman

Development, digital creations and more


Who am I? |First of all, I create things. Texts, images, websites…. Just to name a few things. It’s all related all things digital. That is why I am a digital creator. More information about who I am can be found on the website of De Goede Huisvader. The English translation of ‘De Goede Huisvader’ is: ‘the good stay-at home dad.’ If you’re interested to find out what that means, you can read more on this website.


More about my business activities as a writer: www.goedehuisvader.nl/en. More about my activities as a website developer: https://goedehuisvader.com (mostly in Dutch).


Harm Jagerman
Rijnegommerstraat 28
2382XB Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 50509616
VAT: NL002057857B55


[email protected]

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