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IKEA knows what is important!

Over the last few days, there’s been a lot of discussion about changing diapers in public restrooms. Unfortunately, these aren’t widely available. When I visited IKEA this weekend, I noticed that there is a possibility to change diapers in the men’s restroom. IKEA knows what’s important.

Ok, this might not be the biggest problem this world is facing. There are more important things to write about when it comes to emancipation. Still, it’s part of emancipation and it’s not a high priority for many companies.

My two children are diaper-free for a couple of years now. When they were still dependent on diapers, I had to go through some hoops to find a place to get a place to change the diaper. The options were limited: use the women’s restroom or use the restroom for people in wheelchairs. Unless I was visiting IKEA. Back in those days, I got the chance to use a special bench to change the diapers of my children.


Unfortunately, IKEA is an exception. Many restaurants, shops or other public spaces don’t have the facilities in the men’s restroom. But, that isn’t the only problem. In some cases, there is no way to change diapers in the women’s restroom.

Nowadays, while my children go to the restroom themselves, this still is an issue for me. Why shouldn’t this change? It’s not because the facilities are offered in the women’s restrooms only – if there are any at all – that it’s a women’s job. I don’t believe that emancipation benefits from this.

There are those experts who claim that offering facilities such as this can cause vandalism. Well, it’s all a matter of how much you want to invest, right? The option to move these facilities to the restroom for those who are physically disabled isn’t an option. In these cases, you will be forced to use this space and someone else can’t. I noticed that the changing table in IKEA was located in the gentlemen’s section, but not near any toilet. You see, it’s not that difficult, right?!

I am not the only one who writes about this. Check out the Instagram post below:

The solution is to offer the facilities in both restrooms. Unless the restrooms are gender-neutral. That is also a good option. So: Be like IKEA and do the right thing!

Instagram Donte Palmer
Instagram Donte Palmer,

Interested to read what we bought at IKEA? Well, more about that in the near future!

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