Which services?

Think of me as the digital toolbox for your online activities and ambitions. Whatever you want to achieve online, I am happy to help you with it. Only: which services are involved?

As a digital creator I offer the following services:

  • Digital creations (of course), where you think of image editing, social media images, advertisements, etc.
  • Text writing.
  • Translations (English – Dutch – English).
  • Advice (online growth, social media, photography, image editing, corporate identity, digital security, general IT matters).

In addition, I offer services in the field of fact checking. I initially did this through De Goede Huisvader. Later via this website and soon (2022) via a new project. What do you have to think about?

  • Origin and dating of photos and videos.
  • Interpretation of photos and videos.
  • Research.
  • Writing supporting articles.

Website development

Under the Dutch name “De Goede Huisvader Webhosting” I offer services in the field of website development in the Netherlands. In addition, I also offer hosting solutions.

If you do not live in the Netherlands or do not speak Dutch, I can still be of service in this area. Feel free to contact us for more information.