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The Moving Mountains Burger

A veggie burger for flexitarians. That is the Moving Mountains Burger. This vegan burger, rich in vitamin B12, is not only for those who no longer eat meat. This veggie burger is a product of a company that wants to change things in this world. The future is plant-based.

The Moving Mountains Burger
The Moving Mountains Burger

It’s a guilt-free trip. That’s what the British based company Moving Mountains writes about this vegan product on its website. Yes, there’s no need to feel guilty about what you eat. There are no animals involved as it comes to the ingredients of this veggie burger. This is good news for those who want to eat fewer animal products.

Where to buy?

Since I live in The Netherlands, I can only write about the Dutch introduction of this meat-free product. That was in January 2020. It’s available in different supermarkets across the country. There is a chance you don’t live in The Netherlands. If you want to find out where you can buy the products of Moving Mountains, you can use this page.

Experts (and the company itself) recommend this burger because of the amount of Vitamin B12. For those who don’t eat animal products at all, it’s essential to take enough B12. The company doesn’t focus entirely on those who don’t eat animal products. Still, it’s always important to think about B12.

Blood and nerves profit from B12. It’s a necessary vitamin. If you’re suffering from B12 deficiency, you can encounter all sorts of health issues. This burger will not help you with that. It’s because of the amount of B12 in this product. Yes, there might be more B12 included in this product than in other similar products. Still, it’s 3.1 micrograms (0.0031 milligrams) per 100 grams. The recommended amount to take daily is 1.000 micrograms.

The amount of protein (extracted from vegetable substances, such as soy protein and pea protein) is something that is very positive. In total there are 15.3 grams per 100 grams in the burger.

Putting all this aside: you just want to eat something that is delicious right? Whether it’s a delicious or tasty product is always hard to say. Taste varies for everyone. What I might like, you might not.

The philosophy

Just like other companies – like Beyond Meat and the Vegetarian Butcher (who offer similar products) – this British company wants to make a difference. A difference from the ‘standards’ of bio-industry and meat as a standard. The texture and taste need to be like any other animal-based product. All to convince people to buy less meat. Less meat is better for the environment.

So, how about this burger?

I can write up a story about how I liked this burger. But, I have to keep in mind that this burger was also a little too salty. That’s something that needs to change, I think. But that’s just me. Maybe you will not find this a problem.
It’s another step in the right direction. A direction away from the bio- and meat-industry. Hopefully, this product will be followed by many more products.
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Image top of this page: Pixabay.

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