Harm Jagerman


Who am I?

In daily life I am a digital creator. This means that I enter the digital world, where I make creations. In addition, I am involved in fact checking.

Digital creations, then you have to think of creating websites, editing photos and images and more.

But what about now, who am I?



My cradle was placed somewhere at the end of the seventies of the twentieth century in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands (Leiden). I will spare you the further details. More importantly, thanks to the various positions I held, I have extensive experience. I worked as an IT professional, recruiter, consultant, website administrator, online marketer and (of course) as a self-employed person.

In 2010 I decided to register my own company with the Chamber of Commerce. From my hobby (photography) I made my profession. In the first years I combined this work with my position as functional application manager in a hospital in the west of the country. Later it became a different combination. A combination between work and private life. I became a family man in addition to my existence as a self-employed person. That’s why I started working on The Good Family Man. More about my life as a writing family man can be found via www.goedehuisvader.nl/en.

Digital Creator

Photography led to other assignments. Assignments in the field of website development, writing texts and much more that took place in the online / digital world. That’s why in 2020 I decided to present myself as a digital creator.

In addition to being a digital creator, I am also a fact checker. I initially carried out this project under the wings of De Goede Huisvader. Later I did this through this website. In March 2022, I decided to relocate the activities elsewhere. I hope to present the website for this soon.

De Goede Huisvader Webhosting

The name Goede Huisvader is a legal concept. It means that you take good care of something. I do this via De Goede Huisvader Webhosting for websites. Think not only about developing, but also managing those websites. I offer these services to Dutch customers. If you do not speak Dutch or do not live in the Netherlands, I can still be of service to you. Please contact us.

In the middle of the pandemic, it became clear that the number of photo assignments was decreasing and I decided to shift the focus to developing websites. Something I had already done before. For example, between 2018 and 2019 I was involved in setting up and ultimately managing a webshop for a company specialized in delicacies.

In 2021, I preferred to combine website development activities with website management and website hosting. I have been doing this since that time via De Goede Huisvader Webhosting.